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Riseley C of E Primary School

Malham 2018

Year 6 Residential 2018 - Malham YHA

Wednesday update: Today we went for a slow leisurely walk (2 miles in 3 hours!) up to Janet's Foss - a beautiful waterfall, then onto Gordale. With a dry day and stunning scenery all the children enjoyed the walk with very little moaning! 

We headed back to the hostel for a well earned cup of tea and lunch! 

Then came our walk up to Malham Cove - with just a little complaining and 423 steps later we made it to the top!!  And wow the view was amazing! We could see for miles! The group were very appreciative and there was a great sense of achievement - they had climbed it! Cue Rocky music!!

Our 'guide' Tim, impressed us all with some great facts about the limestone and local countryside, which they had to remember for the quiz later! 

 We returned - weary legged and exhausted, Mrs Guest was confident of a good night sleep tonight!!!!!

Lasagne was on the menu for tonight, lots of clean plates and full tummies!

We then did a spot of fossil making in the outside classroom and a quiz on the day's facts! We looked at erosion, using sugar cubes and food dye! 

The shop opened today for the first time- Immense amount of tat was purchased! Oh dear oh dear!!!! 

Bedtime at 830pm - for those who gave Mrs Guest an early wake up call. 

Everyone was out for the count by 9.15pm! Success at tiring them out! 

Staff watched a bit of Supervet followed by Grand Designs then hit the sack themselves! 

Thursday morning: A peaceful and rejuvenated night had by all, I am happy to report! 

Ready and looking forward to what today holds! 

River study and compass work around the village! 

Over and out!