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Riseley C of E Primary School

Y6 Malham Day 1

News from Mrs Guest at Malham...

Everyone slept through the night. First lot up at 5.20am! Not too bad! X

After a peaceful journey up to Malham we arrived, avoiding the rain. We dumped bags and it was straight out to the village green to stretch legs and participate in some team games with blindfolds! Mr Dyson needs to learn some sportsmanship qualities and NOT CHEAT! 

Excitedly, we headed to our dorms to choose bunks and learnt how to hang clothes up! Everyone is pleased with their dorms and settled in well.  We had a quick tour of the facilities whilst we still had daylight and then went for dinner. 

The feast of chicken pie or jacket potatoes awaited us. Nice to see plenty of salad being eaten as well! We left enough room for chocolate fudge cake or choc ice - lots of full tummies and empty plates! Dinner was a winner! 

We then went to do our evening activity on Limestone.  We learnt lots about the popular stone, which we will see on our walk tomorrow! We used props such as bread, jam, plaster of paris, sugar cubes and food colouring to investigate and make examples of erosion, fossils and sedimentary rock! All very creative and imaginative!

With a lot of tired faces, we went up to bed. There was a positively long queue for the showers, which is always good to see! And it was lights out at 9pm.

I am SO glad to report that all dorms were quiet and asleep very quickly! 

The first loo run this morning was at 520am... this beats last year’s record!  Today we are heading out to walk up to Janet's Foss and up around Malham Cove, dodging the rain! 

I am sure it will be a great day! 

Happy Wednesday!