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Riseley C of E Primary School

Y6 Malham Day 2

I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more....

We were well prepared for our walk to Malham Cove first then up to Janet Foss and Gardale Scar in the afternoon. A 7.52 mile round trip! 

Full tummies after a cooked breakfast, cereal, pastries, yogurt or fruit! We were going to have to walk some to work this off! 

We set off in the Yorkshire drizzle, thankfully it didn't last too long and everyone was well prepared for the bad weather. Mrs Smith even had a blow up canoe at the ready!!

As the weather cleared up, the scenery was amazing. Children and adults appreciated it very much! 

We learnt that limestone was extremely slippy in the rain- but it's fine as we all had our 'jazz hands' at the ready!! The children can explain that one when we are home! We ate our packed lunches, where Mrs Guest had to explain what a blue ribbon biscuit bar was! Not a favourite of some!

We returned home to have showers and a well earned dinner of lasagne, which caused no end of arguments on how we all pronounced it! 

We headed out with torches and a gps machine to find various clues in the village! Mrs Guest’s group were the most successful as her group turned over the page for ALL of the questions - unlike some other groups! Mr Dyson’s group were also winners as they managed to gain an extra point somewhere along the line (not that Mrs Guest is competitive at all!)

We headed in to hear the outcomes of the dorm inspection results and quotes of the day.... one of the many highlights of the day! Then it was time to hit the sack! 

Lights went out and all dorms were quiet by 9.30 and as I write this at 6am... all is still quiet! I might need the wet cloth this morning to wake them up! 

We are looking forward to a river study today, map skills and maybe another short walk! Good news is no more rain so far! 

Over and out....