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Riseley C of E Primary School


Executive Headteacher

Mr Leigh Pointon

Acting Deputy Headteachers

Mrs Emma Power

Mrs Amy Perrett

Special Needs and Disabilities Coordinator

Mrs Rachel Wingerath

Class Teachers

Mrs Donna Deane (Nursery Leader)

Mrs Alexandra Brown (Early Years’ Leader and Reception)

Mrs Claire Short (Year 1)

Mrs Jane Walsh (Year 1)

Mrs Helen King (Year 2)

Mrs Rachel Wingerath (Year 2)

Miss Georgina Stacey (Year 3)

Miss Emma Murphy (Year 4)

Mrs Nicola Walter (Year 5)

Mrs Emma Power (Year 5)

Mrs Robyn Hardy (Year 6)

Nursery Nurses

Mrs Ann Franklin

Mrs Jane Thomas

School Business Manager

Mr Wayne Eldridge

Office Manager

Mrs Sam Sharp

Finance Office

Mrs Leaine Felce

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Rebecca McAlpine (Family Support)

Mrs Jeanne Cox-Jones (1:1)

Mrs Dhara Parekh

Mrs Heather Hofman

Mrs Shelly Henman

Mrs Nicola Perchinelli (1:1)

Mrs Jane Walsh (1:1)

Mrs Jacqui Dudeney

Mrs Laura Hindley

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Derrian Le Brun Powell

Miss Justine Lavender

Site Agent

Mrs Sam Langley

Senior Playleader

Mrs Heather Hofman


Mrs Heather Hofman

Mrs Laura Hindley

Mrs Ann Franklin

Mrs Shelly Henman