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Riseley C of E Primary School

Welcome to the PTA


NEXT PTA MEETING:  Wednesday 3rd November 2021 | 7.30pm @ St John's Arms, Melchbourne


Friday 12th November
Clothes and bric-a-brac collection.  Please bag donations up in 3 separate groups:
1. Things that you wear;
2. CDs, DVD, books; and
3. Toys and bric-a-brac.

Wreath Making Class

Sunday 12th December
Christmas Fair!

RAISED:  Our ability to raise money has been greatly hampered by the situation with Covid and we look forward to getting back to the events we all enjoy as well as some exciting new ones.  Some figures from pre-Covid are as follows:

The Christmas Fair was a fantastic success in 2019 raising £1,653.38.  Christmas Wreath Making raised £331.48; the clothes collection in December raised £222.50; and the school disco raised £131.43.  School Angel has raised £854.54 as of the beginning of October and requires very little effort.  Thank you for all your support!

DONATED:  Donations were made to the school for a pantomime trip, theatre visit, benches for the playground, paint to decorate the playground, swimming for older years, school trips for each class, Yr 6 leavers books, plus a large donation towards laptops and furniture for the working corridor in the new building.  2018-2019 donations to the school totalled £7,178.17.  

In 2020 the PTA purchased a Buddy Bench for the playground, as requested by children from the School Council on behalf of their classmates. 

With the school building now complete, the PTA are very excited to work with Mr Pointon and everyone at the school to instal fixed outdoor equipment for the older years.  This will be an expensive, but incredibly worthwhile project, so please do get involved with everything that you can to ensure this can go ahead.

HOW YOU CAN HELP:  Below are just a few of the ways you can get involved and support:

  • Becoming a class rep for your child's class or suggesting new ways to raise or spend funds.
  • Helping to run or organise events.  Every bit of help, however big or small is appreciated.  Lots will currently be remote and so are even easier to get involved with.
  • Taking part in our events and initiatives throughout the year to make them a success!

JOINING OR HELPING THE PTA:  The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of Riseley C of E Primary School is run by a group of parent and teacher volunteers.  Some of the volunteers have more official roles and titles (see below) but everyone's efforts, ideas and involvement is important and greatly appreciated.  

Meeting for an hour every 4-6 weeks, we plan fundraising events and initiatives that look to raise much-needed funds to support the school for the benefit of every pupil.  If you’ve not joined the ranks, please do!  You can get involved as much or as little as your time allows and if you have any questions then get in touch with a member of the committee. 


  • Co-Chairpersons & Comms - Victoria Tinkler (child in Year 5) & Karen Aves (child in Year 3)
  • Treasurer - Hamish Coles-Hendry (children in Year 4 and Year 1)
  • Secretary - Beth Sparks (children in Year 6 and Year 4)

Other regular members include:

  • Gemma Edwards (child in Year 1)
  • Vicki Moss (children in Year 5 and Year 4)
  • Ed Green (children in Year 6 and Year 3)

CLASS REPS FOR 2020-2021:

We are actively welcoming new Class Reps, so please do reach out if you could lend a hand or an ear to your fellow class parents.  

 Year 6 - Falcons  
 Year 5 - Flamingos  
 Year 4 - Parrots  Clare King
 Year 3 - Starlings  Davey Lawson & Sharlene Taylor
 Year 2 - Penguins  Cathy West
 Year 1 - Puffins  Issy Burge
 Reception - Owls  
 Nursery - Robins & Wrens  Katie Jones                    


PTA Logo

Thanks for reading this far and we looking forward to seeing you at the next PTA meeting or event!

Best wishes, the PTA  |